Sex Dolls Wholesale & Bulk Order

Sex Dolls Wholesale & Bulk Order

A Premium Selection of TPE and Silicone Realistic Sex Dolls From China At Wholesale price. OEM & ODM Service. Varioius styles. Super quality and service. Factory price.

Wholesale Best Top Sex Dolls from China Suppliers

We don’t recommend cheaping out when it comes to a sex doll. Sex dolls are not just for sex but also for love, companionship, cuddling, photography, and so much more. You want something that looks good, feels good, and lasts for years. That’s why it’s important to buy an authentic doll from the original manufacturers like us.

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1. Professional mold workshop, 1:1 real body cast mold to make sure the doll could be produced exquisitely.

2. Expericed mold sculptor, could provide unbelievable body and extremely detailed design from head to toe. Four layers brushing on the face, which is wax-like craftsmanship, the pores could be seen clearly.

3. Over 300 kinds of dolls with different body and head shape for your option.

4. Customized mold availble,we could make more than 90% similarity based on a photo.

5. Fast delivery,we have in stock in our US warehouse and EU warehouse, and also support drop shopping service.

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